building on your lot

Regent Services Inc., will at no charge, review your site and acquire the necessary information needed in order to provide an accurate estimate to develop the property and build upon it.   Meet us there and we can discuss what you would like to see in a completed site so we are sure to include these details in your estimate.

What if I don't have a property?

Not to worry.  We are well connected and have a network of realtors that we work with on a regular basis.  We can help you locate a property that is right for you.  Let us meet you at the properties prior to your offer and we can provide some preliminary information to consider when making your selection.

My property requires special attention.

If you have unusual lot conditions, wetlands or endangered species, we can help.  We have the right professional network necessary to address, manage and correct these situations as required to develop and build. 

What is included?

The majority of projects that we do are on large properties of multiple acres.  We can include as much or as little land development and landscaping as you desire or even the minimum requirements for that particular municipality.  This is great if you are looking forward to spending your days enjoying your property.  In some municipalities, it is required to include enough sod to cover the entire construction area.  We will discuss this with you on the initial property review.

What about utilities?

We will factor in the connection costs to power,  water source and sewer and reflect these items on your estimate.  Don't have connections available?  We will then factor in the costs of a well and septic system as necessary and reflect these items on your detailed estimate.

Are you looking to move forward on your "forever home"?  Are you wanting to finally put together all the ideas of what you have in mind for your perfect living space?  RSI can turn your desires into reality with our "Concept to Completion" approach to building custom homes.  Whether you have just a few ideas or if you need total assistance, we can design your dream floor plan from scratch or work off of plans you already have.  Affordable homes to large scale and luxurious, Regent Services Inc., can produce your home with the highest level of service and quality. 


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Designing a Plan at  a Glance

  • Find a starting point
  • Bring a Concept or
  • Choose one of Ours
  • Discuss Design
  • Concept Floor Plan
  • Concept Elevations
  • Approve Estimate
  • Produce Architecturals
  • Four Stage Plan Approval Process
  • Final Plan Sign-Off
  • Plan to Lender

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  • Luxurious Homes

  • Custom Homes

  • Affordable Homes

Find a Place to start

If you are looking for a starting point, we have tons of plans.  Houses we have already completed and designs completed for customers.  We prefer to include the design and blueprints into the cost of your home project.  Allow us to produce a concept for you or bring us a concept you already love.  Some customers even bring a collage of photos they have saved over time in order to produce a concept.  From the concept, we can produce accurate estimates.

What if I already have a plan?

Well, we will first make sure that the plan is complete and accurate to the FL Building Code.  If so, we can proceed to an estimate and earn your business.  If your plan is incomplete or not designed for the FL Building Code, then we would guide you in the steps needed to produce an accurate plan.

Do I get to work with your plan designer directly?

If we are producing your plans, Regent Services Inc., is your plan designer.  You would work directly with the builder to discuss each stage of the plan design and any modifications you would like to see.  The typical custom home plan can be designed in a series of four to six design meetings done with modifications as needed along the way. 

What if I want to work with a designer?

If you are wanting to work directly with a home plan designer or an architect, we can connect you with the right people that we work with on a regular basis.    It is highly recommended to keep your builder in the loop when working with a designer directly.  Home designers may not be up to speed on current market conditions or material costs that may affect your project and often times may produce a larger plan that what you had intended.

Build With Confidence

Consider your options.  From our experience, projects that we do as a "design-build" tend to start quicker and have less situations that arise due to plan design.  If a builder is producing your custom home plan, that person should be much more familiar with your project than one that is selected off of a shelf.  Also, when we produce your plans, we will have already provided a concept along with an estimate.  We will know your budget and your goals and produce a plan that will fit your specific needs and wants.

The Start Process at a Glance

  • Meet the Builder
  • Produce a Concept
  • Site Review
  • Preliminary Estimate
  • Proof of Funds
  • Plan Design
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Contract
  • Documents to Lender*
  • Prepare Permits
  • Initial closing
  • Start the Build

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